About WeRecycleBatteries.com

Guardians of your good name
Being paid for scrap batteries is like "found money."
But it isn't just the money. You want to make sure that responsible parties are properly recycling the material you are selling.

Our company is different in that we are in the electronic recycling industry rather than the scrap battery business.  We specialize in providing a complete audit trail, including:

 Pick up and direct delivery to secondary lead smelters

 Pick up and direct delivery to other battery processing plants and smelting operations

You will have the security of knowing that the smelters and plants we work with meet high industry environmental “audit” requirements specific to electronic recycling.  WeRecycleBatteries holds the records for years, so there will never be any doubt that the material was properly disposed of.  We are the Shipper of Record for delivery to smelters and processors. Every location we ship to is EPA compliant. (Neither we nor our clients are at risk for EPA Supersite clean up costs!)  

We invite all R2, and e-Stewards and other electronic recycling companies to partner with us to properly, dispose of battery waste.

WeRecycleBatteries.com purchases these products

 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and Alarm Systems

 Absolyte™ sealed Batteries – Lead-Cadmium acid batteries used in Data Center, and Solar/Wind application NEW
Until recently, these batteries have not been accepted because of the Cadmium content. We can now purchase these batteries. Please contact us for details.

 Data Center lead-acid batteries used in Data Center Battery Rooms

 Nickel-Cadmium, and Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries typically used in laptop computers and other applications

 Lithium-Ion Batteries, typically used in laptop/tablet computers, and cell phones

We also arrange for Proper End of Life Disposal of the following products at competitive costs

 Alkaline Batteries

 Lithium Primary Batteries