Our Services

This is how we serve you

    Before any battery product is moved:

     We work closely with e-recyclers to determine the downstream requirements, and what supporting documentation, and services you require. This includes providing the latest smelter/processor audit information upon request.

     We complete all necessary questionnaires and surveys for E-Recycling approval, including answering pertinent questions needed for R2 and e-Stewards industry standards.

    How we ship:

     We specialize in less than truck load capabilities – Don't worry – You do not need a large volume of material to ship. That's our job.

     We work closely with our e-recyclers to initiate and maintain profitable collection schedules based upon current inventory and inventory rotation.

     WeRecycleBatteries.com provides instructions for proper battery packaging, when necessary.

     Whenever possible, we verify your battery shipment weight and then substantiate this with 
    -Your company's Bill of Lading and 
    - The smelter/processor Certificate of Recycling.

     After smelter/processor delivery, we email you our Shipment Report, along with Smelter/Processor Certificate of Recycling.

     For years we keep this documentation to show proof of where your batteries have been processed.

    Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Battery Shipments:

    We understand the risks associated with Hazmat shipments, and therefore make proper arrangements to recycle Hazmat batteries.

    Most battery shipments are not deemed to be Hazmat in the USA (i.e. Non-spillable Lead-Acid Batteries). However, shipments of certain types of batteries, depending on shipped weight, are considered Hazmat.

    Hazmat shipments made without the proper training, and documentation, can lead to serious legal consequences. For example, improper shipping documentation, declarations, and handling can lead to severe penalties, including jail time for improperly shipping these Hazmat products. 

    If your shipping site has a Hazmat trained shipper and pollution insurance, spill cleanup procedures and other required documentation we can ship Hazmat battery shipments.