Why WeRecycleBatteries.com?

Our commitment runs deep to make sure your battery e-waste is disposed properly.

WeRecycleBatteries.com started after the owner found an illegally disposed auto battery in a parking lot in Cape Cod, MA in 2009. Knowing that batteries cannot be thrown into the trash, he took the battery to a recycler, where he was paid for it.  Upon his return home, he began to research e-waste battery products, especially lead-acid batteries and the challenges recycling small quantities can bring. What began with one battery in 2009 has grown to an international e-waste battery recycling brokerage enterprise, recycling thousands of batteries each year since.  This ethos is the principle for all in our company.

 WeRecycleBatteries.com looks to partner with suppliers and organizations that share in the principles of good environmental stewardship.

You supply batteries, and we will provide you with additional income and the comfort and security of knowing your battery material is being properly recycled …. And we can prove it!